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On-Site Hydrogen

BayoTech’s steam methane reformers are more energy efficient than traditional hydrogen production. For our customers this translates to less feedstock, less space, and lower costs to produce the same hydrogen.

BayoTech is always working on developing the next generation of world-class hydrogen generators. They are currently developing systems capable of producing 5,000 kg, 10,000 kg and 30,000 kg of hydrogen per day. They are also working on a hydrogen-as-a-service model to seamlessly provide customers with hydrogen on demand while minimizing capital expenditures.

Hydrogen Generation Systems

If you’re thinking of using hydrogen BayoTech provides on-site hydrogen solutions that fit your needs. Whether it’s the H2-200 starter model, or H2-500 commercial model, or H2-1000 pro, BayoTech’s modular hydrogen generation systems can provide performance predictability, keep costs low and give customers the ability to scale and customize as they grow.